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Furnace Games was formed to create deeply engaging, highly competitive and addictively fun games that can be enjoyed around the world. Our team has collectively designed and developed over 20 top performing games across multiple platforms over 20+ years. We have forged famous franshises that launched new experiences to gamers. We are committed to rapid data driven design and development practices that allow us to quickly find fun and engagement in the heart of a game. We care about the relationships between mechanics and core loops that engage and retain players. All that aside, we love games. Just can't stop making them and playing them! :)

Allan Ditzig

Creative Director, CEO

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Jim Montgomery

Design Director, CTO

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Business Advisor

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Under construction --- More details coming soon!


Coming in 2018

PC Action RPG

Deep dungeon crawler. Link to release content coming soon.


Coming in 2018

Mobile Action RPG

In development. SL just around the corner.



OMG. wait 'til you see

Early concept and rough design. We can't wait to start!


What's going on. Just the latest stuff.



Dungeon Stars will be available through Steam Early Access on April 26th, 2018.

We're excited to share an early release of the game and allow fans an opportunity to become an active part of an ongoing evolution of features and content! For the latest news on Dungeon Stars, like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/DungeonStars

We look forward to hearing from some of you that have already started following us. More action and adventure to come!

FEB 2018

Awesome start in 2018 for the folks at Furnace! We've partnered up with powerhouse MiniGuns developer/publisher, RIPOSTE games!! Adding their expertise in successful, cross-platform publishing to our dungeon delving efforts will be like forming a game making VOLTRON!

Things are already off to an amazing start. Great collaboration! Fendrake and his little dragon are all hopped up on caffeine and running around spreading the news.


Oct 2017

Goblins continue to invade. Many new classes and tricky abilities are coming online. We're beginning to believe that they are taking over...or maybe they really believe they can't be stopped. Random populations on floors are starting to turn up some interesting results and emergent, uh...goblin teamwork! :O

The dungeons are deeper, the loot tables are bigger and some big bad bosses are on the horizon. Time to shut up now before we blab too much.


Sept 2017

Dungeons are coming alive. Some fun RNG pieces are getting added to dungeon generation that make for interesting gameplay choices. Not only can players find rare treasure chests with special loot and some dangerous wandering monsters, many more special surprises can appear when the world is generated or when the player 're-rolls' the dungeon. We can't let the cat out of the bag yet. Stay tuned for more when some of the UI/UX behind it gets to a presentable stage.

On left: Sharing some of the story board magic that will set the tone for the gameworld. "Goblins are not stars. Goblins Suck." - Murko the Star


August 2017

Content march continues... Getting first passes on some new magical pets. Also, the new Battle Wizards are coming online!  Maybe they're not amazing in a toe-to-toe scrap but they have access to special abilities that can wipe out a room of baddies.

Behind the scenes, mountains of work in team management and dungeon flow. Players can camp and combine hero teams as they drive ever downwards, deeper and deeper into the dungeon.


July 2017

Spinning lots of plates in the Furnace. We teamed up with some great folks at ReelFX and are helping them put together a haptic 'air tennis' game that uses a massive multi-display and Kinect technology. The game features eight separate 'bays' and will be available to play at the US Open next month. Very reminiscent of creating big coin-op games...only this is bigger in scale and we have to make it much much faster. approx. 60 days from start to final product. All this while charging ahead on our indie PC RPG project. Bring it on! (cough cough)

Speaking of the project, while focusing on larger gameplay and UX stuff, we're putting more meat behind some content and world design. Fun stuff!


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